Benefits of Working Out with Weighted Clothing


Weighted clothing has become a trend among fitness enthusiasts who want to make their workout routine more complex and achieve better results in toning their body. Nowadays, you can find weighted clothing designed for all types of exercises from weighted vests that you can wear while running to arm and leg weights to include in your aerobics. Wearing weighted clothing while you work out can bring you many benefits, as you are about to find out.

Increased endurance and strength

The results of using weighted clothing are visible in your strength and endurance because the added weight forces your body to go on with the exercises. The more weight you carry, the more your muscles will have to adapt to the effort and to complete the set of exercises. Using the weighted clothing regularly will increase your energy levels and will help you develop more strength and endurance during your workouts.

Many cardiovascular benefits

Your cardio workouts can become even more productive if you add weighted clothing. Wearing a vest and some leg weights while running on the treadmill or some arm weights while rowing the rowing machine will significantly accelerate your heart rate and increase your blood circulation. This way, you will be able to maximize your performance and will improve your heart condition.

Gain more muscle mass

As you force your body to carry more weight and to go on with the exercises, you will develop more muscle mass. While your strength increases and you contract your muscles, they become bigger and stronger so you will replace the fat deposits with healthy muscle mass. Weighted clothing is one of the most efficient ways to sculpt your body and to tone your muscles.

Make your bones stronger

While making your muscles stronger, you can also improve the condition of your skeletal mass. If you strain your body to wear more weight than usual, you will transmit the load to the bones as well and they will fight to support the added weight and create bone mass by stimulating cells to provide new bone material. This results in stronger and denser bones that can easily carry the added weight.

Variate exercising

Besides the health and performance benefits, weighted clothing can also bring you diversity in your exercises. By alternating different weights, you send your body from one state to another so it will become stronger and more prepared to handle extra weight when needed.