Common Neck Injuries in Sport


Playing a sport can help you stay in shape, and it gives your health a much-needed boost. But this doesn’t mean that playing sports doesn’t have a downside as well. Unfortunately, if anything goes wrong while playing a sport, you can succumb to neck injuries. If you want to find out what are the common neck injuries in sport, read the following lines. By knowing about these common injuries, you might be able to prevent them from happening, or at least you will know how to deal with them to not aggravate the situation.

Neck injuries on the track

All sports that involve repetitive motion, weight lifting at the end of motion, or a twisting motion can cause damage to the lower back, resulting in neck injuries. The neck area usually succumbs to injury when practicing sports that involve contact. What is important is for you to try to perfect your technique when playing a sport to avoid getting a neck injury because the most common cause of neck injury is a wrong approach to a certain aspect of the game. This happens to children a lot because they are not experienced, and their technique isn’t perfect yet.

Most common neck injuries in sports

Weightlifting is a sport in which most of those who practice it can easily succumb to neck strain. The high amount of stress put on their bodies can even lead to the appearance of spondylolysis. It might sound surprising, but even golf can cause neck injuries. The rotation of the spine, the wide swing of the body, and the stress put on the spinal muscles is what leads to the appearance of neck injuries in this sport. Due to the fact that tennis requires you to arch your back a lot when you serve or when you hit a difficult ball, it may cause the appearance of neck strain as well. Also, swimming can provoke the appearance of these injuries. It might be a low-impact sport, but it doesn’t mean that it’s 100% safe. The twisting and arching of the lower back are what may cause neck injuries to those who swim.

How to treat minor neck injuries

If the neck injury that you have suffered is minor, you can treat it at home. First, you must ensure the protection of the area. To do this, you must lay your head on a comfortable bamboo pillow when you’re sleeping. The bamboo pillow will provide the perfect support for your neck, allowing the area to heal faster. Also, you must make sure that you get a lot of rest. This will help your body recover fast. Last but not least, to reduce the symptoms of inflammation and pain, you can apply ice to the neck.