Effective Core Exercises to Do in Bed


If you want to make sure you burn the unpleasant and unhealthy fat, and you stay healthy at all times, then you need to work out every day. Believe it or not, you can actually exercise without getting off your bed. Here are the most effective core exercises to do in bed.

The peddler

This is one of the simplest exercises that can be done in bed, and that will provide amazing results. Your legs and your tummy will quickly tone and look amazing. You just need to lay down on your back, on the edge of your bed and then peddle your legs using ample circular movements. Do this for about 2 minutes, slowly, and then you can hurry up a bit the next 2 minutes. If you do this exercise in the morning and in the evening, you will definitely notice some improvements in just a few days.


Crunches are highly recommended due to they are quite effective. Lie flat on your back, while you keep your legs flat as well on the bed. Keep in mind that for this type of exercise, you need to have a thick mattress and extremely stable, so that you can exercise easily. As mentioned earlier, lie on your back, and bent your knees at 90-degree angle. Then you need to place your hands on either side of your head. Keep your elbows in while you do so. You must not lock your fingers. Once you are in this position you can do your crunches. Push down as hard as you can, in order to contract very well your abdominal muscles. Do about 50 crunches in the morning and another 50 in the evening.

Bird dog

If you are looking for the most effective core exercises to do in bed, then this exercise is definitely one of them. It can be done in bed, without any sort of problems. Core stability will highly improve. The glutes and the shoulders will be put to work. What you need to do is to sit on your knees, just like the name says, in the dog position. Then, you need to raise your left leg and your right arm and hold them in the air for about 10 seconds. Do the same with the other leg and the other arm. Try to stretch your arms and your legs as much as you can, for better results.