How Quality Water Can Keep You Better Hydrated During Workouts


Sweating is your body’s natural defense when it gets too hot or when it’s exposed to an intense effort that increases its temperature. Workouts are those times when your body sweats very much due to the physical effort it puts into the exercises and that is when it needs to stay hydrated. Water is the best fluid to ensure hydration and the proper functioning of your body and you must make sure that you only drink quality water. Keep reading to find out how quality water can keep you better hydrated during workouts so you will only benefit from your exercising.

The dangers of dehydration

Dehydration is extremely dangerous during workouts because it can threaten your health and even your life if it reaches alarming levels. While you exercise, you body is prone to heat exhaustion and heatstroke due to the increase of temperature you experience. Drinking water prior and after workouts and sipping from a bottle during the exercises will make sure your body has enough water to regulate its temperature through sweating and to prevent heat-cause illnesses.

Clean water will protect you during workouts

Water is an essential fluid that keeps the human body running smoothly and ensures every tissue and organ receives the essential nutrients they need for a proper functioning. However, if the water you drink is dirty, it will not serve its purpose and can even make you feel sick. This is why it’s important to drink clean and fresh water so that you will keep your body strong during the intense workout. A water filter can help you achieve clean water without all the impurities tap water usually has. Install one on your home tap and enjoy water free of sediment, heavy metals, chlorine, and bacteria that lower the quality of your drinking water.

Drink alkaline water for a better hydration

Alkaline water is even better than regular water because it contains more oxygen ions that ensure a better hydration of the tissues in your body. The molecular structure of alkaline water enables it to go deep into the tissues and to travel through the blood so that every organ in your body will receive high amounts of oxygen. A better oxygenation of your body means higher endurance and better results during the workout sessions. While most athletes purchase alkaline water, we recommend that you use a water ionizer that turns regular tap water into alkaline water through an electrolysis process. This way, you can have alkaline water withing reach every time you need to improve your workouts.