How To Monitor Your Fitness Progress


No matter the reason why you workout, you need as much motivation as you can get to continue in your struggle and to progress. The best way to motivate yourself is by monitoring your overall progress. This way, you don’t feel like your efforts are in vain, and you feel hyped about continuing. Therefore, if you want to learn how to monitor your fitness progress to stay motivated in your struggle, read the following lines. Here you will find out what you need to do in order to monitor your progress.

Keep track of your stats with the Fitbit Surge fitness tracker

For the price of $250, you can monitor your fitness progress constantly with the Fitbit Surge fitness tracker. This fitness tracker will make an efficient and stylish addition to your collection of fitness gadgets and devices. What makes it a top notch choice to go with is the fact that it tracks all of your stats while you workout. It’s able to track activities like yoga, hiking, and weight lifting workouts. You can keep an eye on the stats that the fitness tracker records with the help of your smartphone as well if you install the Fitbit app on it. In addition, this gadget has a built-in GPS that ensures your every move will be tracked effectively.

Use the Omron Fat Loss Monitor body fat analyzer

According to the review of, in order to keep track of your fitness progress, you must have a smart body scale at hand such as the Omron Fat Loss Monitor and to purchase it, you will have to spend around $35. This amazing device will enable you to measure and track your body fat percentage and body mass index. To provide these accurate results, it uses the bioelectrical impedance method. To provide results based on your exercise regimen, the device offers 2 modes for you to choose from, which include the standard mode and the athletic mode. It can store up to 9 different profile settings at once. Therefore, you and your entire household can keep track of your health and fitness with it. In addition, it provides the results fast, taking only 7 seconds for the readings to appear.

Take a lot of pictures and measure yourself

A free method that you should try to monitor your fitness progress is to take pictures and measure yourself daily. Take a picture of yourself dressed in the same clothes every morning for as long as you exercise. Make sure that you wear revealing clothes for your muscles and the shape of your body to be seen more clearly. Also, don’t forget to measure yourself daily. You should measure all of your body parts daily to see how everything is progressing.