Is it Safe to Workout Outdoors in Wintertime?


When the cold season arrives, you shouldn’t give up on your exercise routine although the outside temperatures are not very friendly, to say the least. You can keep exercising in complete safety even if it gets too cold as long as you take care of yourself. To determine whether or not it’s safe to workout outdoors in the winter, let’s have a look at several details that you need to consider.

The cold weather will not damage your health

Many people believe that working out in the cold is dangerous because they think that the cold air will cause them health problems like the flu. In fact, the cold air can help you strengthen your health as it will accustom your body to extreme conditions. Inhaling cold air can’t freeze your lungs so you can take all the deep breaths you want. Plus, the runny nose means that your body is moisturizing the dry air you inhale so you will keep breathing well.

Working out in the cold will strengthen your heart

You can actually enjoy some health benefits from your wintertime workout, starting with a stronger heart. The cold temperatures will force your heart to pump more blood into your body to help it increase its temperature so it will handle the cold. This means your heart muscles will get stronger and you will increase both your exercise and cold endurance.

Know the danger signs

The only time when you should avoid exercising outdoors is when the windchill is in the negative because no matter how warm you dress, you will still feel cold and your extremities are in danger of frostbite. If the temperatures drop low below 0, you should protect your body from severe frostbiting and stay inside. The signs of frostbite are numbness followed by a burning feeling in your hands, feet, or ears. Hypothermia is a serious matter that involves shivering, loss of coordination, and faint and if you experience it, you should head to a hospital right away.

Stay safe

If you want to enjoy a more comfortable winter workout, you can exercise in an outdoor space that is somehow covered, like a patio or a pergola. An infrared heater can help you feel warmer so you won’t face the cold and your workout routine will seem more relaxing. There are plenty of infrared patio heaters that you can use during your workouts.