Most Iconic Golf Players Of All Time


Golf has a large base of fans due to its intensity and quality. Throughout the history of this sport, there have been players who left fans worldwide stunned with the quality of their game. These people are the ones who made golf such a successful and beloved sport. Therefore, if you are a golf fan yourself and you want to know who are the most iconic golf players of all time, read the following lines.

Arnold Palmer

Arnold Palmer was nicknamed “The King” because of his impressive skills and popularity. In 1960, he appeared on the cover of the prestigious magazine Sports Illustrated, being awarded the title of “Sportsman of the Year”. He has won 62 PGA Tour titles during his career, 7 of which have been won in major championships. His most prolific years were between 1960-1963 when Arnold Palmer managed to win 29 PGA Tour events, including 5 of the 7 total titles at major tournaments. Palmer was the first golf player to be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. He has been awarded the Congressional Gold Medal as well, being the second golfer in history to receive this honor. In 1974, the golfer has been inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame. Also, he has a drink named after him. The drink consists of lemonade and iced tea.

Tiger Woods

Of course, there can’t be a list of most iconic golf players of all time without mentioning Tiger Woods. The fact that this golf player doesn’t have one of the best personal lives doesn’t take away from the genius of his game. Tiger Woods has won a total of 79 PGA Tour titles, 14 of which are won in major championships. He turned professional at the age of twenty, and one year later he already managed to win his first major championship. This achievement alone says a lot about the quality of his game. He was the dominant force in golf for a total of 545 weeks, time in which he was world number 1. Unfortunately, his infidelity and the indiscretions in his life took a toll on the golfer’s career as well as his personal life.

Jack Nicklaus

Without a doubt, the most iconic and probably the best golf player of all time is none other than Jack Nicklaus. He turned professional back in 1961, and he retired in 2005. During his career, Jack Nicklaus managed to win a total of 73 PGA Tours, 18 of which were won in major championships. He has been named PGA Player of the Year five times. Also, the player got involved in golf course design. At the end of 2005, Jack Nicklaus had already designed 299 courses open for play. His charm, the impeccable game that he played, and his sincere love of golf make him a real icon.