Most Important Moments In Soccer History


There is no other sport that comes close to soccer when talking about the intensity of the matches, and the love and devotion of the fans. Of course, this sport gathered so many fans for good reasons. Throughout soccer history, there have been some important moments that left fans worldwide shocked. If you want to find out which are these spectacular moments, read the following lines.

Diego Maradona and the “Hand of God”

The perfect example of a split-second decision that imprinted itself into soccer history is Maradona’s “Hand of God” moment. In the 1986 World Cup event, Diego Maradona bagged the goal of the century only 4 minutes after he poked the ball with his little finger beyond Peter Shilton to score the first goal. It’s a controversial moment that will have soccer fans talking throughout the ages because of the brilliance and guts that Maradona had to pull off this move. Thanks to him, Argentina went on to secure their second World Cup title that day. Therefore, the player’s quick use of hand brought the title home.

Liverpool’s 2005 remarkable comeback to win the Champions League

One of the greatest comebacks in soccer history was witnessed during the 2005 Champions League final. Liverpool, which is one of the best soccer teams of all time, was being lead 3-0 by Milan. All hope seemed lost for the Anfield team. But this wasn’t the case, as Rafa Benitez did what any good coach would do, and continued to hope and put pressure on the Italian team. Steven Gerrard was the one who scored the first goal for the English team. To get nerves jingling, Vladimir Smicer added another goal for Liverpool. Only minutes after, Liverpool received a penalty that was executed by Xabi Alonso and saved by Milan’s goalkeeper Dida. When Dida saved the ball, it seemed like this was the end for the Anfield team. Luckily, Xabi Alonso remained on the field and levelled the match in minute 60. Surely, no one expected this outcome after the first half of the match. The Champions League title that year was won by Liverpool at penalties, this match being a perfect example of high-class soccer that makes fans even more passionate than ever.

Ryan Giggs destroys Arsenal’s defence

A day that Manchester United fans won’t ever forget is the 14th of April, 1999 when Ryan Giggs outdid himself and shocked everyone with his guts. The Welsh winger proved his brilliance in the F.A. Cup semi-final against Arsenal when he marked a goal that left everyone speechless, including the opposing team’s goalkeeper. The Welsh picked possession of the ball behind the halfway line, far from Arsenal’s gate. At an explosive pace, and with a tight control, he took the ball beyond multiple challenges before blasting a shot into the roof of the net. No one expected it to happen like it did, but what’s for sure is that Ryan Giggs managed to defy all expectations that day. He proved that if you’re a truly good player, nothing will stand in your way.