Shocking Facts about Gym Germs


If you want to stay healthy and have a great body, then you definitely need to exercise regularly. Is going to the gym a great idea or not? Unfortunately, it is highly recommended to work out outdoors or in your house instead of going to a public gym, where are lots of germs that can affect your health. Here are some shocking facts about gym germs.

How can gym germs affect your health?

In a public gym are lots of people who exercise at the same time, and this actually means that they sweat a lot. This can definitely make the indoor air very hard to breathe, and also not very healthy. It is very important that the room has a good ventilation so that people can’t have health problems.
Another important detail that gym owners need to take into account is to use a dehumidifier, in order to keep under control the humidity level. If they do not do so, then there are lots of chances to deal with mold which can cause serious health problems. If people inhale mold spores for several days, then they can have serious respiratory problems, and also deal with skin&eye irritation. In some cases, mold can also lead to lungs problems. Therefore, it is very important that all gyms have a great ventilation system, and a dehumidifier as well for a proper indoor humidity level. Moreover, an air purifier should not miss either, so that the indoor air can be very well purified and only the best air purifier with a high air filtering capacity can successfully handle the overwhelming amounts of air germs that can be found in gyms.
In a gym are definitely lots of germs, due to the fact that plenty of people use the same fitness equipment over and over again. Furthermore, people might sneeze or cough, and germs will easily spread in the air. It is highly recommended to spray or wipe down the equipment before you use it, and also wash your hand as soon as you finish exercising.
There have been made some tests in gyms all over the world, and what specialists have found is truly shocking. They have found Human Papillomavirus, which is a very dangerous virus that can be taken from walking around barefoot in the gym or in the showers from there. This is why it is highly recommended to wear proper shoes when exercising and flip flops when having a shower. They also found Klebsiella, which can be taken from the cardio machines, workout mats, weights, and so on. All these shocking facts about gym germs must seriously be taken into account, in order to understand why you should avoid public gyms.